Turn Costs Implementation

I see that there is a turn cost encoder and a flag in CarFlagEncoder which can be turned on by (5,5,1). Now, I do not see any difference by doing that. Am I supposed to implement it explicitly or am I missing some further configuration. Been trying this for quite some time now. Don’t seem to understand this drawback.

Turn costs and restrictions work on flexible and hybrid mode.
Have you recreated the graph with that option?

Yes I’m using hybrid mode and recreated graph. The problem is the waypoints generated are sometimes on the other side of the road trunk and wrong side of a roundabout.

Did you try a simple turn restriction that you know works in GH Maps? E.g. see this one vs. without the turn restriction

Where are they generated? If you want to create a route from waypoints that might be placed not exactly, you could have a look at our map matching solution.

They are generated from Google maps I suppose or could be from any other provider… Maybe the data differ?

The easiest solution for you would be probably to use the map matching solution if it’s a GPX track.