Trying to start for canada.pbf


I am trying to start up the local server for graphhopper with canada map, I have used the following command .

/ -a web -i north-america_canada.pbf -o canada-gh.

However, I get the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Graph after reading OSM must not be empty. Read 49768002 items and 0 locations

Which tells me that the pbf file is empty, I have tried to download the map from the geofabric website and then run the command:

./ import canada-latest.osm.pbf

This has worked fine for me. So is there a way to start the graphhoper server with the imported file? Am I doing something wrong with this command:

/ -a web -i north-america_canada.pbf -o canada-gh

Thank you very much!

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