Transporting shipments to intermediate depots

I went through the docs and the examples but couldn’t find if it is possible to use jsprit for the following problem:

We have a network with a number of fixed routes between some depots.
There is a list of shipments with source and target depots.
We want to minimize the distance traveled and the number of vehicles to transfer all shipments from source to destination.
If the source and destination are not on the same route, a shipment can be transferred to an intersection between routes and then picked up by a vehicle travelling on another route.

For example if we have two routes, 1-2-3 and 4-2-5, and there is a shipment from 1 to 5 we have to send a vehicle on the first route that will transfer the shipment from depot 1 to 2 and then another vehicle on the second route to transfer it from depot 2 to 5

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Hi. Apologies that this might be too late to be of use. I think the problem that you describe is similar in nature to mine; I have linked pickups and deliveries (shipments in Jsprit) that might have to pass through an intermediate warehouse in order to change hands to another driver who works a later shift to do the delivery portion. This is not supported directly by Jsprit, nor do I think you can find it somewhere else without commercial cost.

Despite my fondness of distorting reality to something like an acid trip to force Jsprit to do things it doesn’t support natively, I haven’t been able handle this as I would like within Jsprit.