Translations gone?

I am looking at
In the mentioned Google docs spreadsheet all languages but english,german,french are gone ?

Is there now a new process to regenerate the messages ?

Thanks for noticing this! This looks like the first big (accidentally?) vandalism since 11 years due to the public editable doc.

I reverted all changes from 21th September which seems to fix it.

Will have to fix a few things and also update the source code…

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Ever thought about switching to something like Weblate?

There are a few special solutions for i18n. Someone also suggested e.g. transifex. But currently the spreadsheet works rather well. And this problem here was due to the fact that it is editable from everyone, which I would keep until those problems increase. Which means this would happen also for such a special i18n solution (if it is possible at all to edit anonymously).

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