Traffic update for simulation


I am trying to do a simulation where I have some origin-destination locations. The idea is: the traffic of an edge increases as it is traversed during routing. And as many times as an edge is traversed, the more traffic it gets, the less favorable it becomes to be chosen in next path calculation.
Please share your insight regarding what could be the best way to approach this problem?

Some ideas I am trying:

  1. Update speed (decrease by a km) each time it is traversed during routing. But, the edges go back to original speed for next path calculation when a new request is make for next origin-destination.

  2. Adding a new value (updated speed) to the flag of edges? and use that as speed?

  3. Store the updates somehow like As the traffic is not collected from TomTom but created during the simulation, how to use it in the main class?

Is there any other better way? Your insight is very much appreciated.
Thank you so much.

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