Traffic lights and routing on dual carriaged intersections

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to research about whether traffic lights in OSM, in dual-carriaged intersections, should be mapped on the intersecting nodes versus on the way where vehicles are supposed to stop. And I’m coming here to get a sense of GraphHopper’s ability to handle this and traffic lights in general.

Here are two examples I’m looking at:

lights on nodes:
lights off nodes:

Searching back through other comments, I found this posting:

Traffic light penalties

The specific comment that was cited from github is dated about four years ago, and is based on an issue first started about six years ago.

Based on the earlier discuss posting and the githib issue, I’m sensing GraphHopper doesn’t take traffic light into consideration for routing purposes. Am I inferring that correctly? Thanks in advance for everyone’s patience.


Worth noting there is an inconsistent logging by osm mappers, some map one traffic light per intersection, some 4.

Oh, no doubt! I was hoping for some perspective on how developers tackle this situation.


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