Too many total edges were removed

I’m currently trying to set up a GH 0.6 database for an OSM dataset which only contains cross-country skiing ways and relations (since some of those ways have no highway tag, I do some preprocessing and add a highwway=unclassified tag if no highway tag is set). This approach worked for Gosmore a long time ago and also works for Routino (i.e. both parsed that OSM file ok and produced proper routing), but it fails with GH.

With prepare.chWeightings=no it says

Too many total edges were removed: 711, all edges:814

on import of a small test file (with 659 ways and 86 relations). That osm file is otherwise “ok”, i.e. I can also load it into JOSM where it displays everything correctly.

Any idea why it removes all those edges?

Please try prepare.minNetworkSize=0 and in later versions it is called prepare.min_network_size=0

Which vehicle/flag_encoders did you use? foot?

prepare.minNetworkSize=0 in GH 0.6 works fine now :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

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