The route polyline does not end on the destination point


I encounter this strange route whenever I choose Car, Scooter, Small Truck and Truck as the vehicle type. The route polyline seems unable to generate into where the destination point is located. My initial thinking is there is an OSM tags that prevent any “motor” vehicle to pass through it.

This is the route example

This is the OSM ID where the destination point is located.
Based on the local knowledge by someone who resides there, the road is accessible by motorcycle, however it’s quite small for a car.

How I can solve this? Do I need to make OSM editing?

Thank you


It might be due to the width=1 tag. Too narrow for a car.

How about the scooter @karussell ? The same issue occurred when I choose the scooter as vehicle type.

It looks like the Sok Wayah road is disconnected from the rest of the network, so it is not included. This is probably not only because of the narrow section but also for some other reason (probably another mapping error)

The width of the entire road is just 1 apparently: Way: ‪Sok Wayah‬ (‪27705599‬) | OpenStreetMap
Probably also too narrow for scooters.

Thank you @easbar - I’ll try to look deeper on the OSM editing and road geometry for that particular OSM ID.
Just curious is there any docs or code configs in Graphhopper that I can take look which describe what are the tags that will influence each of the vehicle type?

The OSM way I mentioned above has the following (relevant) tags:

  • motorcar: no
  • motorcycle: yes
  • bike: yes
  • width: 2 (was 1 until yesterday though)

A bit further south: Way: ‪Sok Wayah‬ (‪986576848‬) | OpenStreetMap there is no motorcar: no tag.

The reason GraphHopper does not return a route for neither car nor motorcycle is the width tag though. Even for width=2 scooters are not allowed, but this should probably be fixed. If the road was wider the southern part would be accessible for scooters and cars, but the northern part would still only be accessible for scooters, because of the motorcar: no tag.

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