Temporal varying speeds for trucks

Hello folks,

first I’m quite new to GH but I’m looking for a solution to implement a truck routing profile in GH. An issue i’m stumbling upon is how to implement varying speeds for trucks in a temporal sense. This Issue continues for temoral restricted roads for trucks.

For example OSM provides the maxspeed:hgv:conditional=30@(22:00-06:00) tag for a highway. This restricts the allowed truck speed between 10pm and 6 am to 30 km/h. Is there a possibility to implement a solution for this in the routing engine?

I have found this topic so far: Set edge speed per time range.

But as far as my understanding goes this only works for all edges. Would I would need is to make it work only on the edges that have that specific tag - before creating the edges.

Any Help out there is very appreciated!

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Time dependent routing (aka Traffic considerations) are not currently supported.
I am also hot on that topic and will be happy to have it.

Me too! :slight_smile:

have there been any updates on this issue?