System configuration needed

Im trying to deploy Graphhopper using tomcat n spring boot… What would the the minimum configuration needed for optimal performance for Europe continent data?


GraphHopper cannot be run in a servlet container since 0.9. Assume it is a standalone application and inside runs jetty. See

I have built a spring boot app and am able to run graphhopper the maven packaged jar successfully. But, I’m not sure what would be the max users that an 8gb RAM can serve…

I am mostly using the low level API

The user count will probably not be the problem but the geographical area is probably a bit too big for just 8GB RAM.

What do you think would be sufficient for Europe geo data?

I have not tried just Europe for a long time and this depends on many things, like with elevation or not. Or how many vehicles, with CH or without etc. But it should be under 16GB for just car and with CH, as I got this working on my laptop some time ago :wink: