Synchronous Route Optimization Endpoint

Over the years we have improved the performance of the Route Optimization API and the last months showed that over 90% of the problems of our customers can now be solved within a few seconds.

Therefore today we publish the new synchronous endpoint for the Route Optimization API that returns the JSON for the solution without the need to fetch a job_id and poll the result. Compare the new synchronous with the existing asynchronous / batch endpoint in our documentation for more details.

This new synchronous endpoint is not only simpler but avoids the slight delayed retrieval that comes with the asynchronous / batch endpoint and comes with a small reduced total latency and so, will improve the response time for our customers further, especially for small problems.

The only limitation is that there is a fixed timeout of 10 seconds, i.e. all big and "complicated" problems still need to be solved with the asynchronous / batch endpoint.

Our recommendation is to start with the synchronous endpoint, especially when your location count is smaller than 200, and switch to the asynchronous / batch endpoint if the maximum response time grows above 7 seconds.

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That’s incredible news!
Great work, GH team @stefan & @karussell :smiley:

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