Support "avoid" or minimize tolls in the Route Optimization API

I see there is an “avoid” tolls in Routing API. And plans to include something like this in the Route Optimization API?

It is not that we need to avoid tolls at all costs, but it would be nice to be able to minimize passing through them.

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We have plans to make the Route Optimization API more flexible in this regard but it will take time.

As a workaround you can use the Routing API with any parameters after you got the location-allocation from the Route Optimization API and you’d have to use the modified ETAs from the Routing API.

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how’s that plan going? Are you planning to support some of the routing API included functions such as blocked areas or avoidances?


We still have this in the pipeline and as top priority. But although we have progressed a lot internally we cannot say when this will go into production. Excluding motorway/toll/ferry is likely to happen sooner, but when exactly is also not defined.

If you could choose what would you prefer? avoid toll/motorway/ferry or block_area?

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