Strange route calculation

I have a route computation with
origin: 53.416712,14.561928
destination: 53.41664,14.561756
profile: car
GH version: 6.2
I am using CH.

As you can see in the image, the route is not able to cross the railway

I have inspected the road in OpenStreetMaps, and it doesn’t have any restriction. The only thing is that it has max_speed 5 km/h. Any idea of what could be happening? For bikes, and foot work well…just failing for motorbikes and cars

Link to the road in Open Street Maps: Way: ‪Kanał Parnicki‬ (‪228884290‬) | OpenStreetMap
Maybe is related to the lanes? Because I see like there is capacity just for 1 vehicle at a time to pass the tunnel

Thanks in advance

Does the same event occur when travelling the opposite direction?

Potential height limitations? Width limitations?

Yes, if I swap the origin with the destination same result. It is like there was no edge in that section of the graph. I don’t see any height/width limitations

Is there a change from fastest route to shortest route?

Works :man_shrugging:

I have a custom profile, because I have configured custom speeds, but basically I am using shortest, as I have a big distance influence .

There were problems in earlier versions where a very low speed was set to 0 leading to blocking access. So you can try a later version where this should be fixed or debug the was in more detail and ensure that the speed is never 0. Or e.g. set the speed factor to 2 instead of the default 5.

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