Split Shipments into multiple routes

Hi all!
I have multiple shipments with different loads, for example
shipment 1 with load 10,
shipment 2 with load 20 and
shipment 3 with load 20.
My vehicles only have capacity 25.

How is it possible to split for example shipment 1, such that i can serve all three shipments with 2 vehicles? That would be:
Vehicle 1: load 20 of shipment 2 and 5 of shipment 1
Vehicle 2: load 20 of shipment 3 and 5 of shipment 1
As all of my shipments have different loads, I can’t split them into smaller shipments in the request (for example twice shipment 1 with load 5), because that would be too many possible combinations.


Unfortunately, vehicle routing problems with split deliveries cannot be solved reasonably.