Speed Up Map Matching


I don’t know if it normal but It seems Map Matching is too slow, for some routes under 15km more than 2 sec.

The routes are from UK. And the map is for the full uk

[10:52:00.147] Map Matching 617 ms 8239 meters
[10:52:00.336] Map Matching 167 ms 2720 meters
[10:52:01.209] Map Matching 842 ms 9697 meters
[10:52:03.938] Map Matching 2 s 688 ms 11014 meters

I’m using the default configuration. Do you know if exist a way to speed up or are normal this times?


On the same subject: is there a way to do an incremental map matching to speed up the result?
For an App in a moving vehicle, after an initial map matching is there a way to add a new gps point and map match it using the previous calculations instead of recalculating for all the points?