Speed cannot be 0 for unblocked edge, use access properties to mark edge blocked!

Hello! I am having an issue calculating this route

origin (lat,lng): 53.519905, -2.938029
destination (lat,lng): 53.441522, -2.976945

And this is my config.yml

  datareader.file: ""
  graph.location: ""
  graph.elevation.provider: "srtm"
  prepare.min_network_size: 700
  routing.non_ch.max_waypoint_distance: 1000000
  graph.dataaccess: "RAM_STORE"
  graph.encoded_values: "max_height,max_weight,max_width,hazmat,toll,surface,track_type"
  graph.flag_encoders: car|turn_costs=true|speed_bits=7|speed_factor=2

    - profile: my_custom_profile

    - name: my_custom_profile
      vehicle: car
      weighting: fastest
      turn_costs: false

I am using the latest OSM file for UK. My route is in Liverpool.

Any idea to fix the issue?
Many thanks