Some GraphHoppers' requests don´t work

I am using OsmDroid and was trying to implement routing using Graphhopper due to its ability to block areas.

Here is how I did it, and I didnt have any problem until I requested the “ch.disable=true” (needed to use the block area function), it gives me the error: technical issue when requesting the road.

I tried to do it like in the code attached and like this: “ch.disable=”+true and none of them worked.

roadManager = new GraphHopperRoadManager(graphHopperApiKey, false);

Now I have discovered that if I comment the ch.disable=true request, and create the GraphHopperRoadManager with alternateAvailability (second parameter of the constructor set true), I get the same issue as before (technical issue), as it is not able to find aleternative routes.