Size of graphhopper directory when using GTFS


When running the gtfs demo (Brandenburg) I noticed that the graph-cache folder becomes pretty big (5+GB). It is the edges folder that makes up for the largest part. Are there ways to mitigate/reduce the size other than reducing the geographical area of interest and/or reducing the offerings in the gtfs? Could something be improved in the code/ on a conceptual level?

I was considering to integrate the public transport search as an offline feature (mobile app), but given the area I am interested in, the size of the directory is about 7 GB, which unfortunately is not practically feasible.

Thank you for your work on graphhopper.


Hi Felix,

this comes a little late, but no – currently this is not feasible. For reasons that are, indeed, conceptual. We work on a data model here that is “rolled out”. There are plenty of other ways to do it that would be better suited for mobile/resource-constrained applications, but this is not it.

Perhaps we get to do this in the future.