Shipment from/to one of multiple locations

I am trying to solve a problem where an item needs to be picked up from a client and then delivered to one of a set of warehouses, whichever is closest. Pickups bring the item back to the depot / start location for the vehicle, so the only option I see is to use a Shipment, but that requires a fixed delivery location. What would be the best way to implement this?

Hey! @zerper Sorry If I do not get your use case, You are looking to only pickup service from the various warehouse.And you do not want to deliver instead of the only depot.
So do not use shipment and you can use

only pickup services.

Here related Example

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I’m pretty sure Pickup and Delivery won’t work because I need the pickups to be directed to a secondary location (landfill) and not back to the original depot. Deliverys also can be started from the landfill after a container has been emptied as opposed to starting from the depot.

The solution I’m working on implementing is adding a Shipment from each depot and landfill to each location and from each location to each landfill, then applying hard constraints to only allow one Shipment per location pair. I realize this will probably be pretty inefficient, but I am not sure of another way to implement this?

Any guidance is appreciated.