Setting of earliest_start and latest_end in vehicle and time_windows for shipments

Hi team,

I would like to ask the rule-of-thumb and constraints in setting the earliest_start and latest_end in vehicles, and time_window in shipments. I have 60~80 locations to optimise within 15 hours. In reality, it usually take a driver 8 hours or so to finish. I tried the followings and did not work

  1. Do not set any time requirements in either vehicles, or shipments <- not working
  2. Set the earliest_start in vehicles and earliest in shipment the timestamp of 00:00:01 of a day, and latest_end in vehicles and latest in shipment as the timestamp of 23:59:00 of that day. <- not working

Any advice will be appreciated!

What do you mean by “not working”?

Error 400.