Setting maptiler as tile source produces a black map, how to fix?

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the graphhopper Android example working for the past 2 days.

In my strings.xml I did

`    <!-- The style used for regular map viewing and route planning -->
<string name="map_view_styleUrl" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- The "day" style used for navigation -->
<string name="navigation_guidance_day" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- The "night" style used for navigation -->
<string name="navigation_guidance_night" translatable="false"></string>`

(with the keys included) and that gives me a black map.Like, entirely black.

The urls themselves do seem to be correct because when I change the key I get the standard

What is going on there? Do I use the wrong tiles? I eventually want to self-host them or include them right into the app but as of now I don’t understand how to get them right in first instance.

Thank you

You are passing the tile.json endpoint, but you need to pass a style url (for example to OSM Bright).

Have a look at the the original developer-config.xml where we pass:[MAP_API_KEY]


Thank you that worked. Your project is so helpful it’s unreal.

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