Services planed "in_sequence" or not at all

Hi all,
I have several services, that belong together. That means, I want them to be done in a special order, or not at all, if they cannot be assigned. I added a relation with the type ids and the type “in_sequence”. I assumed, that this enforces the services to all be in the same route. But I discovered, that sometimes one of the services is used in the route, but the other remains unassigned. In this case, I want none of the services to be in the route. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance

What would be a use case behind this scenario?

in_sequence has nothing to do with unassignment, so your requirement is currently not possible. What you can still do is to fix the reason of the unassignment or increase the priority of the services that should be assigned.

In this case, the customer is not accessible with a trailer. So in order to execute the service, the trailer has to be parked somewhere else. After the service, the trailer needs to be fetched, before the route can be continued. If this service is not contained in the route, I don’t need to park and fetch the trailer, so either all three services need to be included in the route, or none of them.

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Thanks, interesting use case. Currently this is not possible and you would have to remove the services on the client side in a post processing step if one is unassigned. Of course this is ugly and we’ll think if and how we can make this easier.

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Thanks! That would be great