Search offline via graphhopper files

Hi, I have generated 8 files needed to routing from file, and it works in my app by long press like the official example.
is it possible to implement an offline search with these files? (location_index, geometry, edges, nodes, names…)

Do you mean offline POI search (aka Geocoding)?
That would need a DB like structure for fast search.

GraphHopper provides a Geocoding API.

If you need offline solution, can check the Mapsforge POI API.

yes I mean POI offline search, I thought with theses 8 file I can have
offline search too!
POI database has big size!
IRAN map is about 100MB! routing files are about 100MB! and POI offline
database will be about 100MB too!
I think I should forget about offline search and use online api

thank you for your answer