Same Vehicule for 2 shipments

I want to implement a dial a ride transportation for ill people with jsprit.

The vehicules come from a depot, and has one destination point (the hospital), the vehicule takes patients at different pickup location with time window constraint.
The vehicule waits the time all the patient have their consultation, and bring them back to their pickup location.
The constraint is that the vehicule must be the same

So I have for a vehicule :
Vehicule : Depot -> Pickup Patient 1 -> Pickup Patient 2 -> … -> Delivery Hospital -> Wait at hospital until the end of the medical consultations of the patients -> Bring back Patient 1 (Pickup 1 location) -> Bring back Patient 2 (Pickup 2 location) -> Come back to the Depot

Do you have any suggestions how to implement that with jsprit ?
Thanks for your help and advise