Ruin Strategies Implementation

I’m an Italian student and we are using your open source jsprit library in our project.

For what I understood there are 5 ruin strategies in your code:

  • Clusters;
  • Radial;
  • RadialMultipleCenters;
  • Random;
  • Worst.

I was trying to understand how to use the other 3 algorithms besides randomRuin and radialRuin, for example I found that there are only StrategyFactories for these two, so how can I implement the other 3 remaining algorithms?

If you use the box.Jsprit class to create the algorithm then you can modify the use of ruin strategies by modifying its probabilities using this method. Here you can find its default probabilities.

If you build your own algorithm from scratch, just look here how I configured and constructed the ruin strategies.

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