Routing with heading (Android)

Encounter “Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Heading is not (fully) supported for CHGraph.” error i looked at issue #483 at github i specify the weighting but can’t tell where or what is causing the problem.

GHRequest request = new GHRequest(lat1,lon1,lat2,lon2,90,90);

request.getHints().put(“instructions”, true);

GHResponse response = hopper.route(request);

Using :
Android Graphhopper v0.6.0.
Samsung S5 v5.0.0.
Android Studio

Regards Kevin.

Heading in routing currently works without Contraction Hierarchies (#225), that is you need a flexibility mode graph.
Also to use a fastest path too (#485).


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It is very likely that this is a theoretical limitation, but with some workarounds one could make it working in practise (most of the time).

that is you need a flexibility mode graph.

Just fyi: in the latest master you can use a CH-prepared graph and query flexible requests, see this issue comment

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Karussell can you tell me more about what is a flexibility mode graph?

So i should use the library from github rather than the gradle release one, so that i can achieve routing with headings ?

Sorry, if i am slow but kind of new to these technologies.

Regards Kevin.

To use it you have to disable CH for import via prepare.chWeighting=no.

In versions >= 0.6.0 (currently not yet released) it is prepare.chWeightings=no. Or let it enabled and force the flexible mode while routing which will get a runtime parameter like (passed via request.getHints().put(xy,true))

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I did this but can’t get it to work maybe i am doing it wrongly.

Sorry, I meant version > 0.6.0, so for 0.6.0 this won’t work (this way). Please either try the latest master OR import with prepare.chWeighting=no