Routing to avoid stiles

I have been looking for solution to this problem for the Custom Model.
OpenStreetMap database includes barriers - including stiles. Bikes are permitted to pass these but they are often too narrow for cargo bikes. Is it possible using the Custom Model to avoid routes with stiles and other types of barriers on them

This is currently not possible. But we could build a new Barrier enum, which detects the node barriers and could then be used in a custom model. A new Barrier enum is something we plan to do anyway but currently it is unclear, when this will happen.

Usually we orientate at barrier | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo but also try to reduce the actual values i.e. it would be something like: MISSING 0, BOLLARD 1, KERB 2, STILE (or turnstile) 3, LIFT_GATE (or swing_gate) 4, GATE (or kissing_gate) 5, BLOCK 6, YES 7, (wall and fence is mostly ways). And then you would detect the barrier edge in the OSM parser like we do here.

Have implemented this. You can try this branch: barrier parser by karussell · Pull Request #2901 · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub

Thanks for your assistance. The problem is not solved, but the problem better understood - only so much can be achieved with a routing algorithm and OSM. Barriers are probably worth including in later developments. Barrier type are a good indicator. Permissions may be missing, as they are not required (but optional). To make things difficult, similar problems arise with cars with gate opening times - parks, ferries, car parks, etc. Routing to the gate is easy, but with opening times the gate must be assumed to be impassible for motor traffic (although at certain times of day it might be).

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