Routing offline with Custom Weighting on Android Devices

I am trying to make my custom weighting on Android Devices by modifying android samples.
before I created my custom weighting, I used the existed weighting function-“Shortest”&“ShortFastest”,
and i found the doc - Routing via JAVA API.
In the Title of “Speed mode vs. Hybrid mode vs. Flexibile mode” , is the word “import” meaning importing android project to Android Studio?
I should modify these code before importing?

Thank you!

Or the word “import” mean this import in below code?
./ import berlin.pbf

if it’s right, I think I know how to create custom weighting.

Another problem, after import and create the graph, can I modify some information of the edge, node or any else, and calculate new routing with new information? Or information was constructed when import, so new information is useless?

If you use the flexible mode this is possible. If you use the hybrid mode, most changes should work, some can result in suboptimal routes (like decreasing the weight). Using the speed mode this is not possible.