Routing API or Map Matching API newbee question

I am very new to GPS based solutions … I am working on a Fleet Management application, where vehicles only send their position once every 1 or 2 minutes. I would like to draw nice trips on the map based on these few points.

I was first thinking to use the map matching API, but I am not sure that it will interpolate new points to the trip, so in the end, this might not solve my problem.

Or maybe I should use the routing API between every 2 GPS points as if I was creating a new route for each pair of points. But this might result in a very large number of API requests in the end …

What would be the proper way to do this using the Graphhopper API ?
Many thanks

1 or 2 minutes is relative rare but you should try with the Map Matching API first. If this does not work you can still use several points in the Routing API too without generating new requests.

Ok, thanks for the reply - I will try as per your suggestion,
Best Regards