Routing and map matching with same data source (CH)


I am struggling with setting up the routing and map matching services using a shared osm data source. The idea is to import the pbf file once, then share the output between routing and map matching.

I am confused about the support for contraction hierarchies (CH) for map matching. There are threads, which indicate it might be possible to use CH. Is it?

Would you have any recommendations on how this setup should work?

Thank you,

Currently we force you to use non-CH as it is faster and less resource intense.

For long distances CH could be better but we currently do not allow this.

If you want this change the above and then you need to pass here that you want CH or change the default to CH=true here.

Thank you, it works smoothly.
Had to edit both and as you mentioned to enable CH.

Also modified the arguments for the server-start script in to load the same configuration, which was used to import the OSM data.

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Great to hear this, thanks for the link!