Routes not found with GraphHopper on

Couldn’t find a route between those two places

Works for me.

Hm strange, for me it also works when I open a new private window in Firefox or use Chrome. But in my (non-private) Firefox window it does not (even when I open a new one).

Did you delete cache and cookies? Maybe an old js file or something?

Yes but that did not help. It seems to be a CORS issue:

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at…&instructions=true&point=51.529%2C9.078&point=50.927%2C8.502. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).

But I do not understand why this is not a problem in the private window. Using Firefox 77.0.1.

It seems we send out a (wrong) CORS issue when errors happen (we seem to miss the CORS header in the error message in our load balancer). So it also could be something else. E.g. there is a limit per IP for and and this could produce an error. But that it works in a private window is a bit strange as it should have no influence on our per-IP limit.

Its still not working for me. But I would be very surprised to have reached some IP limit as I almost never use the routing on And like you said that does not explain why it works in a private window

This seems to be related to the Privacy Badger plugin I am using with FireFox.

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