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Route time wildly wrong


The route time reported from GraphHopper is often wildly wrong.
Example with a simple route from 40.7644, -111.9261 to 39.0584, -114.0704: - Car (OSRM): 363km / 3:36 hours - Car (GraphHopper): 359km / 4:28 hours

This is the same for many routes, actually for most. Why does GraphHopper calculate so much more time than all other routing providers?

I tried contacting support about this, but they just stopped answering me. I don’t take that as a very positive sign either :confused:


There is something really strange that we have to fix.

they just stopped answering me.

We did not stop answering but some of us are on holidays and other support issues were either more pressing or just easier to answer. We will definitely look into these findings.


Just a simple “Sorry, we don’t have time to look at this right now, but we will look at it as soon as we can” would be an answer better than no answer :slight_smile:

Thank you for acknowledging the problem.


Yeah … we thought we could give you a better answer faster but obviously failed.


Just to put my personal findings in here:

  • Roads with speed limit in OSM appears to get the correct time
  • Adding surface information (paved, asphalt, gravel etc) does not seem to have any effect at all
  • Adding the correct road type however does have an effect

Disclaimer: I only made edits on roads I know the surface/type of