Route only specific points


I use graphhopper in Leaflet.js with Leaflet Routing Machine. This might not be directly related to Graphhopper, but I’m asking has somebody implemented that kind of feature or does somebody have a idea how to start implenting this.

I use graphhopper on foot mode. On some roads, graphhopper is not routing correctly, because of OSM data. So I need a feature to route manually. Like there: when the follow roads option is selected (right sidebar), it will route normally, but when is not selected, it will draw straight line through points.

I don’t think Graphhopper Routing API support ”draw straight line between points a, b but route points c, d and e”- Am I wrong?


this is actually not really a feature of the API, but something you would create in the frontend. As you might have seen, gpsies uses GraphHopper as well and I am quite sure they implemented this feature in their frontend (but I don’t know what their code looks likes).