Route not found for bike for a destination inside a cemetery

Hello folks!
I am curious to know why GH is not finding the route when the destination is inside a specific cemetery location.

In the first example you can see like for walk profile, it is working properly.

If you debug in the UI the road access, information. I don’t know why, GH interprets all the roads inside de cemetery are private, although if you inspect the OSM data, they have access=permissive.

Then when you compute the same route but for bike profile, the engine is not able to find a route connecting the origin and destination.

I have the following questions:

  1. Why GH informs all the roads inside the cemetery as private?
  2. Why works walk profile?
  3. Why is not working bike profile?

Thanks a lot in advance

The report of the private section is a bug of the UI (private for cars) that I will fix.

The bike cannot enter the area because of these nodes:

Thanks a lot, clear…I missed that node, my bad.

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