Route is not properly optimize

Hi first of all thank you for the awesome routing engine. I have come across an optimization issuse. The optimization here does not look right. In this case the driver goes to stop 103 and then goes to 104 on the other side of the river and then again back to 105 which on the 103 side of the river. Is there something i can use to better the optimization? Thanks

There is too much information missing here and the screenshot alone is not helpful. Are you using jsprit? What is the problem you are facing? Which routing engine to calculate distances and times are you using?

Hi @karussell, Yes I am using jsprit with graphhopper 3.0 to calculate time and distance. The issue I am facing is the optimization of the routes is bad this happens with one way roads also.
Here optimization is bad cause sequence of dropoff should be 157,159,160, 158.

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