Route found for walking only

We requested the route updates and it has already been changed in osm

On the tests i made the route is only accepting walking (by foot) as source, other sources like vehicle it’s displaying the following error.

Cannot find point 3: -9.791853337291107,-54.36602503305512


The route should work with any kind of source like vehicles and walking (which is already working fine).

Can you please paste the url for this route on GraphHopper Maps | Route Planner?

sure, it´s here

This way is still tagged as access=forestry and thus not accessible for cars: Way: 483403331 | OpenStreetMap
Did you expect such routes to be routable, or expect the route ends at the point where the non-forestry road ends instead of the error, or do you think this is a tagging mistake?

Yes, i expected these routes. These are the most recent changes to the route way: 141867377 OpenStreetMap

This bridge is still tagged as access=forestry so the roads behind it are not accessible: Way: 764517394 | OpenStreetMap
Surpassing the bridge is not possible either, because of the way tagged with access=forestry I mentioned above.

Esses ajustes foram feitos para permitir a navegação e facilitar o acesso e o tráfego, especialmente porque essas vias são muito usadas por veículos comerciais pesados.

Please make sure you stick to the OSM editing guidelines. If these roads are tagged as access=forestry for a reason (because they are only allowed to be driven on for forestry purposes) the routing profile rather than the map should be changed.