Route for my news paper distribution route?


I distribute newspapers every night to max 140 buyers. I found openmaps and I think it’s great how well housenumbers match. I only found one number that isn’t correctly placed. So far it performs way better than google maps.

Also it knows the small ways one can go by foot or by bike max. Since in the area I distribute there are a lot of house numbers in such small ways.

So I tried to put all those addresses as targets into the main websites map by right clicking and adding as another target. It stored them as Geocode, addresses maybe would be better, but the problem is after I added around 69 I got limited by IP.
I assume the problem is the website performs a lot of calculations everytime a new stop is added.

I would not need these calculations, only one calculation done at the end. So can I disable the automatic calculation until I have all places added?

I was told there is the API that I can use to upload a list of addresses., but I am not really knowledgeable how to use it. Ideally I would like to have a map on my smartphone leading me from house to house the shortest route. I already have an excel sheet where I add a # before the address that is not needed for the day and in another sheet it shows the end list.

Can someone provide me a link or something to a website that already implemented this or if that’s not possible tell me how I can use the API to create a map I can navigate with through my smartphone?

Thanks a lot!

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