Route for car is absolutely wrong

I have started Route Engine on my local machine and route response is absolutely wrong (rather than
result from
I use default config (but just switch on turn_cost) and routes for car is incorrect!
Routing outside city roads
Routing thought buildings:


The same request via works properly:

So I believe that the problem is in my config file. But There no clear documentation about config file.
Also I found a lot of issues with question like ‘What is config for used for’, for example:
What GraphHopper configuration does use?
Big difference in passed time between points after map matching
but nobody explain what we should do to fix the problem.

Please help to fix this problem! Please help! Thanks!

I have had this occurance when my map points have been the incorrect GPS settings. It caused the background map to be shifted to one side, even though graphhopper routed correctly in its eyes, it just looked wrong due to the background map.
From memory I had to use WGS84
Perhaps that is the same issue you are encountering?
Are you using “as the crow flies” for your routing?

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I use OpenStreetMap data (imported form
The route points I get from api response body (json field ‘points’ contain encoded route).
I guess the problem isn’t in map background images cause decoded route from official GraphHopper API looks correct.
(example request:
Also my local engine returns different distance in comparing with GraphHopper request.

Looks like route is correct at the first part of routing:

But at some point it goes crazy

Sorry guys!! No problem with route, my fail!
I used to use for decode response routing points site. But it works incorrect:

but actually route is:

No problem! Sorry to disturb!


No worries, that is what this forum is for! Glad you got it sorted.
Remembering back my issue was around using shapefiles incorrectly converted instead of the background. :frowning:

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