Return more alternative routes

I want to get as many paths possible.
I have a local instance of graphhopper in the back-end. this is the set up I have:

public void init() {
        Profile profile = new Profile("my_profile")
        profile.getHints().put("instructions", "true");
        profiles = new ArrayList<>();
        graphHopper = new GraphHopperOSM();
        graphHopper.setOSMFile(dataPath + "eindhoven.osm.pbf");

        // Create a new GraphHopperConfig and disable CH.
        GraphHopperConfig ghConfig = new GraphHopperConfig();
        ghConfig.putObject("", false);



and this is the controller I use in the front-end:

public List<CustomPath> getRoute(
        @RequestParam("fromLat") double fromLat,
        @RequestParam("fromLng") double fromLng,
        @RequestParam("toLat") double toLat,
        @RequestParam("toLng") double toLng) {
    try {
        System.out.println("fromLat: " + fromLat);
        System.out.println("fromLng: " + fromLng);
        System.out.println("toLat: " + toLat);
        System.out.println("toLng: " + toLng);
        GHRequest request = new GHRequest(fromLat, fromLng, toLat, toLng).setProfile("my_profile")
                .putHint(Parameters.Algorithms.AltRoute.MAX_PATHS, "10")
                .putHint(Parameters.CH.DISABLE, "true");

        GHResponse response = graphHopperService.getGraphHopper().route(request);

        List<ResponsePath> responsePaths = response.getAll();
        System.out.println("response: " + response);

       // return graphHopperService.getBestAirQualityPath(responsePaths);
        return (graphHopperService.createCustomPaths(responsePaths));
    } catch (Exception e) {
        return null;


ok I set the alt routes to be 10 but I get 2 at maximum. What can I do to get more routes.
PS: I will sent 10 euro through Revolut to the person who solves it.

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