Return empty instructions in ResponsePath

Hello I want to set instructions T/F dynamically by API, but when I don’t want them there is the exception in the ResponsePath

`    public InstructionList getInstructions() {
        if (this.instructions == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("To access instructions you need to enable creation before routing");
        } else {
            return this.instructions;

Is there any possibillity to return the empty instructions ?
This happens during serialization, when I try to rewrite it to another object I have to call “getInstructions” so I have the error.

We are sorry, but we dont understand Please provide more infos

I try to use GHResponse (so the ResponsePath also) in my own app to connect to the GH. So I prepare some data making GHRequest and getting GHResponse. During making GHRequest I can set the instructions to the true or false. When I have true nothing happens but when I have the false I have the exception thrown (IllegalArgumentException(“To access instructions you need to enable creation before routing”)).
During serialization the code calls the method above so instead of ‘null’ i have the exception, so if you don’t have the instructions you can’t sent the response.
GHResponse and ResponsePath are from gh package.

Maybe you have another classes to request and response the GH ?

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