Restrict number of vehicles starting at the same time


Number of available docks influence number of vehicles that can be loaded at same time. This has a direct impact on pickup time window of shipment. What is the best way to do this?

Do you have a fixed time of pickup?

eg. All vehicles pickup from 6am to 7:30am but only 2 vehicles can load at a time.
Can you just stagger the start time of vehicles?
vh1 starts 6am
vh2 starts 6am
vh3 starts 6:30am
vh4 starts 6:30am
vh5 starts 7am

Or is it more dynamic? With pickups occurring throughout the day needing to be limited to 2 at any one time?

Thanks Gregws.

The method you mentioned is the simpler approach we can take.

We are running this problem for more than 200 locations and it becomes difficult to stagger for every facility manually (multiple types of vehicles, multiple time windows to start).

It is more dynamic with pickups occurring throughout the day.