Restore default max speed without restarting graphhopper

hi every body
i added my custom traffic data to graphhopper and changed max speed of each edge and node.
its working prefect and affect routing and time due imported congestion.
but the problem is when a new traffic data will arrive … some of the nodes max speed remains the same due to previous import.
i want to reset max speed to the default before importing new traffic data. is there any way to reset max speed from cache folder without restarting graphhopper?

If you apply an update to the edge weight you have to rerun the CH preparation. So CH (in this form) is not suited for your use case especially for larger areas. Instead you can try if LM satisfies your needs where you can always increase the weight without an update (but not decrease - so make sure you initially assign the smallest weight)

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tnx karussell
speed may decrease or increase due traffic jam
i used history of last traffic import in combination with new traffic data arrival
so i just update average speed of each closest snap

Hi how are things,
I am also trying to implement custom traffic data with graphhopper but I don’t know how to load my data into a file and how to test to see the changes. Can you guide me?

hi sorry for delay
first of all u need a file provided with coordinate and average speed
then from carEncoder class u can set new speed to each point
if speed change then time and directions will change

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