Rest API url format for routing api in open source Graphhopper


I a trying to use the routing api in open source graphhopper locally. I know from other posts that the route endpoint is http://localhost:8989/route?, but when I try the request http://localhost:8989/route?point=12.896971�.227141&point=12.903026�.227989&vehicle=bike, it returns
“hints” : [ {
“details” : “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException”,
“message” : “You have to pass at least one point”
} ],
“message” : “You have to pass at least one point”

What am I doing wrong here?


my first idea would be that your points look weird (why did you separate them with an % and not ,), try the following url:

Thanks, this did the trick. I got the idea of using % from

Ah, that “%2C” is the URL encoded comma. I think we can easily change this in the examples for clarity.

(updated it)

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