Release preparation for 0.12.0 of the GraphHopper routing engine

We are currently preparing the release 0.12.0, you can try 0.12.0-pre5.

If you have critical issues that should be included or if some breaking change is missing in the changelog, please let us know.

There are 3 bigger changes:

  • over a year of work and research brought us edge-based CH, i.e. turn costs and restrictions are now possible for the speed mode too: #1247. Read more details in the documentation. Thanks to @easbar!
  • the Isochrone API works now for public transit too: #1480. Thanks to @michaz!
  • major refactoring to support more than 64 bits per edge for custom properties (“edge flags”), an in-built support for forward & backward properties and an easier API to use set&get these properties. #1447.

And many other things have improved:

  • downgrade JTS to make GH working with Android - thanks @devemux86!
  • for public transit we inlined the GTFSlib (no geotools dep anymore)
  • Move reader-shp into separate repository
  • possibility to store node ordering for CH to rebuild shortcuts much faster
  • faster CH preparation
  • several CH refactorings
  • bug fixes

Thanks to @karussell!

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Thanks to everyone!

Well I’m still stuck on 0.10.3, but from some quick tests seems there is #1550.

Ok. Have responded in the ticket. Do you have similar problems with GH core on Android or just client-hc?

client-hc was first that prevented even app compile.

Although to check the core, we still have the Android sample with minSdkVersion 10 and using snapshot, so should catch such cases. Last time checked was working correctly.

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