Release candidate 0.8.0-RC2

There is a new release candidate out for the graphhopper routing engine, map matching and the java api clients, see:

The bigger changes (will link to the contributors in the final release note):

  • the new map matching based on hidden markov chains is finally integrated
  • the osm import module is split from the core #450
  • there is now an overlay module #781
  • new ‘more standard’ code formatting for all repositories #770
  • several bug fixes, including two critical and many UI fixes like upgrading to leaflet 1
  • travis build enhancements like running against jdk9 and deploying snapshots from travis #806
  • new ‘on-demand’ weighting with new data encoder #730
  • elevation interpolation in tunnels&bridges #713, requires new data encoder
  • fixing time calculation for turn costs #393
  • a new short_fastest weighting #747

The changelog is here

Let me know if you find something suspicious or if I forgot something. All fixing and non-breaking changes can still be integrated.

update: The geocoding part of the java client is not deployed due to a mistake in the pom, fixed here

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