Release candidate 0.6

I plan to publish the first release candidate in the next days and ~1 week later the final release. Are there some critical issues which needs to be addressed in 0.6? I’m open also for minor new features and merging existing or smaller PRs.

The alternative route finding was merged today and works from the quality side but not so well from the performance side, which I plan to address later. Currently it takes roughly 4 times longer then a normal request, which makes sense if one looks at the finish condition leading to the two Dijkstra circles with a doubled radius. This can be improved to probably ‘just’ a 75% increase, we’ll see how the quality is changing then.

Here are the manually listed bigger changes (7), fixed issues (24) and merged PRs (33) for 0.6.


(I’m trying to find previous discussion)
But are there any plans for turn restrictions with multiple ways as members?
Currently they only work from way, node, to way.


Discussed but no work done:

Please take a look and decide about issue #630.

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Thanks for the reminder, please see my comment there. Summary: nice and small change with probably too big changes which we need to do but I would like to do them later. Would this be okay?

Would it be possible to update the version to Java 8? Currently unless I am wrong it is java 6. Any reason to not do the upgrade?


What do you mean, use Java 8 specific features in GraphHopper core?

Note: One of GH target platforms is Android, which has not advanced to 8 yet.


Java 7 would be possible (iOS&Android)

But what are the reasons to upgrade :slight_smile: ?

I implemented the edgeFilter by asking the Weighting class to provide one. To avoid to have to rewrite the same method everywhere, I provided a default implementation in the interface, therefore I needed java 8 :wink:

I can try to do a PR but I am not sure to have replace it in every places and I didn’t write any tests yet

The release candidate 0.6.0-RC1 is available on maven central for

I stumbled over some minor bugs in it already (fixed on master), which will be fixed in the next candidate or final release. Please let me know if there are other problems!

Thanks a lot to @calin for updating the iOS port so fast :slight_smile: !

I was expecting to release 0.6.0 today but due this this ugliness which is fixed now I’ve decided to release another rc: 0.6.0-RC2

This should be available in a few minutes on maven central too for all the necessary repos.

Thanks @devemux86 & @boldtrn for the great hints & discussion!