Release candidate 0.13

The most recent beta version is 0.13.0-pre14 and can be fetched from maven central. It will be finally released in the next weeks if there are no big issues found.

Important changes and new features:

  • Additional road data like the OSM highway tag (road_class), max_speed, road_access, tunnel/bridge (road_environment), surface, toll, max_width, max_height, max_weight is now stored in the graph or can be easily enabled via configuration. In GH we call them “EncodedValue” and it is now easy via Java to add your own data or grab this from OSM via a “TagParser”. #1548
  • This additional road data can be displayed in the elevation widget if elevation is enabled. #1569
  • A new “high precision” isochrone endpoint /spt was added. In fact it is a shortest path tree endpoint and does not return isochrones. The aim is to provide useful information for external tools like for R lang and PostGIS. Thanks @crazycapivara, @michaz and @Komzpa for valuable discussion. #1577
  • The isochrone response can now be returned as GeoJSON #1651
  • GraphHopper can now serve vector tiles for debugging purposes. #1572
  • Many improvements and bug fixes regarding turn costs and edge based routing.
  • Elevation interpolation is now turned on by default. #1649
  • Snap prevention: with this new feature you avoid that start or end points “snap” to tunnels/ferries/bridges. #1644
  • location index has now a query(BBox) method which e.g. allowed us to implement the /mvt endpoint and could be even used for offline maps. #1485
  • Many more bug fixes like #1606, #1635, #1611, #1614, #1596, #1586.
  • See all closes issues and pull requests for 0.13.

Thanks to all contributors: @easbar, @boldtrn, @Anvoker, @Nakaner, @devemux86, @michaz , @karussell