Regarding Hosting the Graph Hopper on Private Server

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to host the Graph Hopper application on private server. But getting issues
with API_KEY.

I have created API Key for Omniscale for tile setting and API Key for Geocoding in GraphHopper website. But still getting the errors

In the Network tab, I have got these URLs to be 404 NotFound

I Appreciate all the efforts and Keep on the good work :tada:

Where did you enter your api keys?

I am using old version of Graph Hopper and entered in the options.js file like below

So the error is happening when it tries to fetch the profiles.
Note-: It is working fine in the localhost env

I tried to use the below combination as well

Note-: Whenever I change options.js file, I am building the application to make main.js file updated

For GraphHopper geocoding you need to use this for the host variable: If you get an error when fetching the profiles you probably need to fix the host for the routing option as well.

Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

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