Real Time VRP, Fixed route, need to identify best vehicles type and number of trips

Hi, We have a real time VRP in which the inbound and outbound routes are predefined as well as delivery and pick times (24 hours operation)

We need to optimize the following

  1. Vehicle types ( seat capacity)
  2. Number of trips against vehicles types

We are trying the Jsprit but it keeps change the routes based on the time schedule, how can we make this constant.

Hi Guys, Anyone can help us with this problem

You haven’t given much detail about your problem at all. However, this seems a solid constraint:

in which the inbound and outbound routes are predefined

So, being me, I’d set a distance/time matrix up in such a way that it’s only possible to go on one route (i.e. the vast majority of distances/times between location pairs are effectively infinite, forcing a particular route). That really constraints the problem though, so I don’t know what jsprit is supposed to be optimising on, exactly, after that point. I’m not sure this is a jsprit-type problem.

Thanks for your answers, attached is the inbound and outbound routes and number of passengers dropped (inbound) and picked up (outbound) at point A.

These routes are predefined and from several pick up point (inbound) and drop off points (outbound), what we are aiming to do is the following:

  1. Identify how many seats/bus types to run each trip.
  2. What trips to be linked at point A based on the proximity of the time intervals between drop/pickup at A
  3. Total number of KM per day, how many no of drivers needed per day as this is 24h operation and max driver shift is 8 hours.
  4. Expanding seat capacity as required in the future and the impact on seats/bus type by trying different types.

I hope this could clarify the situation and looking forward to your feedbackgraphhopper_routes1.pdf (151.7 KB)

Hi guys, any one can look into this