Questions on Issue #2136: TurnRestrictions: support multple From or To ways

Hi, First time contributor here and I was going through Issue# 2136: TurnRestrictions: support multple From or To ways. Currently, we create an “OSMTurnRelation” with the last OSM ID in our ReaderRelation member which we want to fix by making sure we consider all “from” and “to” member roles in the relation. I hope my understanding up until now is correct.

Now, my question is, is there a way we map the “from” and “to” from different members and if not, do we consider all combinations and “from” and “to” to create the OSMTurnRelations.

Hi & Welcome! Nice that you consider contributing.

As a first time contributor this issue is probably not the best to start with (although you can start wherever you like, of course :slight_smile: !). Still you might want to have a look into so called “good first issues” before and also our contributing help document.

Regarding your question: I’m unsure how we currently handle the situation and probably some debugging in OSMTurnRelationParser would clarify this. IMO the solution would be to create one OSMTurnRelation for every combination instead of introducing a list for From and To as we store it that way in TurnCostStorage.